Thanos Vs Darkseid: Is Darkseid Better Than Thanos! Why?

Thanos is a politician of the universe, and Darkseid is pure evil.

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Ok! What do you think? Is Thanos the most powerful and intelligent supervillain? Really? Just accept this, Thanos is indeed (with Infinity Gauntlet) great but the best among all. That’s a bit far(I think).

Thanos VS Darkseid, while both of them have numerous power at their disposal, Thanos falls short of matching Darkseid, even with Infinity Gauntlet.

Of course, thanks to his great actions, we can include him in the list of great supervillains. But, considering him the greatest could be very unpleasant. A disrespect to powerful multidimensional supervillains is yet to be introduced in MCU.

The comparison Thanos VS Darkseid (Battle of conquerors) we are heading to will definitely make one thing very clear, whose’s better at villainous? Darkseid or Thanos. So, why delay? Let’s begin.

7 Point that Prove Darkseid is Better Than Thanos: Darkseid versus Thanos

1. Base of Operation

Both of them need a base to carry out plans, operations to rattle the universe, somewhere they could rest, a place with a cheesy throne to sit on. They both are intergalactic conquerors with thousands of worlds shredded to atoms.

Titan once used to be his love but we all are aware of what happened to it, titan is the very cause that gave birth to Thanos (rather his goals).

He is more of a travel influencer, so they have Sanctuary which is actually a vehicle and besides sanctuary, I think he likes to be at Black Quadrant, a group of moons and planets under his control.

Sanctuary Thanos

Whereas Darkseid is unquestionable king of planet Apocalypse, a heavily resourced planet than Thanos’s base of operation which he never leaves behind.

So, that makes Darkseid the winner of our first debate, and let’s move to our second point, the most valuable and important one.

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# Powers – The Big Bang

2. Inherited Powers

Ok, first the inherited powers. Thanos has Telekinesis, Telepathy, and cosmic energy but he barely uses them, most of the time he doesn’t even use these.

powers. Whereas Darkseid likes to play with his power, Omega Effect, Omega Beams, Erosion Blast, Telekinesis, Telepathy, and he even have Resurrection, the power to bring back dead and that too even without any entities. So, for this too, Darkseid seems pretty much dominating.

Thanos Vs Darkseid: omega-beams

Those were the inherited ones but what about the External powers.

3. External Powers

Thanos has a freaking Infinity Gauntlet and with it, he literally can do everything. He could wipe out an entire universe and that too with a single thought and even without being in that universe.

However, Darkseid has Anti Life Equation that causes loss of brain function and can use anyone as his personal puppet.

But, the thing is Infinity Gauntlet without a doubt wins this.  Anti-Life is nothing when it comes to the Gauntlet.

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# Strength and Durability

 4. Strength

When it comes to strength, Thanos is also very strong. He kicked hulk into Banner, and beat the shit out of Thor-like it was his regular job, phoenix force made no sense in front of him.

But Darkseid, he isn’t superhuman, he has a god level of strength and that’s why our Jack Snyder sir uses the phrase “I use gods to kill gods”. Clearly, Darkside again seems to come forward in matters of strength.

5. Durability

Whereas in the case of Durability, I would consider a tie. Thanos has survived Odin and even the Galactus without getting much injured.

Darkside is also a great durable, he has survived serious shots of lanterns, Doomsday, Trigon which I think barely made scratches.

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6. Biggest Achievements

Powers don’t matter unless you harness something. In the end results matter. So, let’s talk about what did they achieved? As you know with greater power comes greater responsibility and greater achievements (hope that made sense).

Darkseid’s biggest works are Anti life and end of the fourth world. Though he won thousands of battles, they hardly made an enormous difference (universally). I know there are dark tales of him, but he has lost battles that mattered (with justice league), the major ones, battles that could possibly make a greater difference.

Thanos Vs Darkseid : fourth-world-omnibus-featured

Obviously, in matters of biggest feet Thanos will be our winner. He literally wiped half of the living creature with a snap, just a snap, and still survived. Can you imagine how big could be the number? Trillions, quadrillion, or possibly quintillion.

7. Experience- The Deciding Point

Experience is a very powerful weapon, a weapon to survive war, pain, injury, power, and battle. It teaches you a lot and makes you better at the things you do.

Thanos is around a thousand years old, which ( indeed ) is enough time to learn things, understand cosmic science, and master the battle tactics (if you have dedication and Thanos has). 

But, in comparison to Darkseid it feels like nothing, he is considered to be 2.5 lakh years old to a billion years old. It’s a huge amount of time, even if you don’t want to learn, still, you would learn a lot of things.

So, even if we considered Darkseid undedicated, he will have a way greater experience. He has seen both sides of the coins, good side to bad, deserving side to underserving, from the birth of gods to their deaths and he knows almost everything, all the techniques, all of the knowledge.

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# The Conclusion- The Winner of Thanos Vs Darkseid

Darkseid winner

Um, I don’t think I need to go any further, the picture is very clear. No matter what happens, marvel’s Thanos will never survive Darkseid (defeat). Yes, he could possibly handle the battle for a moment, but at the end of the day, Darkseid will be the winner at any cost. So, that will settle the debate of today, Thanos Vs Darkseid.

Yeah, I know some of you will not digest it but think about it yourself. Darkside has unmatchable inherited powers, he is ruthless (he doesn’t even hesitate to kill the kids), his beams could travel across the galaxies, and he doesn’t need a gauntlet to travel across the dimensions.

Anyway, it doesn’t matter how much we talk about this shit and no matter how hard we try to convey our points, it all depends upon the writers. Ultimately they are the ones who get to decide who wins in the battle of Thanos Vs Darkseid. As they are the superior beings (the gods behind the creation of gods).

Leave it and make some use of the powers you got, the share button, your fingers, and the social media, don’t be shy to use your powers. Be Darkseid not Thanos!!! 

I would love to hear from you guys, so make sure to comment down your thoughts. Let me know what you think about these two lads ( I should probably call them grandpas!!).

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