5 Reasons: Why Star-Lord Was Fat in Infinity War [Chris Pratt]

I don’t know whether you noticed that or not, but if you compared Guardians of the Galaxy and Infinity War side by side, you might come up with something. At least, that’s what I believe. Besides, Marvel fans are fabulous at figuring things out (and picking up Easter eggs).

OK! There was a 180-second sequence of jokes centered around the idea that Peter Quill gained some weight. One can tell (without much thought), he looked like he had gained back some weight (he used to be much heavier), and it didn’t even hurt the character in any way.

More of, it rather fitted the character. So, instead of asking Chris Pratt to trim down, the director/writer addressed it quite impressively.

We will try to answer why Peter Quill was not in shape for Avengers: Infinity War and explain why it perfectly fits the story and timeline.

Why Was Star-Lord not in Shape for Avengers: Infinity War?

1. The Time Gap

To understand the magic behind Peter Quill’s chubby, we need to know when the events took place. You might be surprised, but both Guardian of the Galaxy(vol 1 and vol 1 ) took place in the same year 2014(a few months gap).

There is around four years gap until the infinity war, and during this, the Guardians didn’t do anything significant, no wars, no active participation in battle. They spent life as a happy family saving few people.

So, of course, Everyone gains weight in such circumstances, and besides its four years, that’s a lot of time.

2. Friends and Family

Before the Guardians of Galaxy, he had no family that focused him to work on the physique, but now, as he has friends and family to spend time with, he isn’t giving much effort.

Moreover, if you have a girlfriend like Gamora (beautiful and genuinely loving) and everything pretty set, who would focus on muscles, I wouldn’t. What about you? (But, for me, things like that only exist in imaginations). He had almost everything (except his father)

3. Loss of Biological Powers

When he killed his biological father, EGO, he lost his inherited powers (all of them). Being a part of a celestial creature, unlike humans, he had diverse physiology, which without doubt helped him to be in shape.

4. Depression and Loss

Sometimes, depression plays an influential role in the overall health of a person. At the end of Guardians 2, Peter lost his both fathers (biological dad and adoptive dad), and he suffered mild depression.

After such tragic events, people sometimes turn to food and drink to numb the pain. Though he had a family, still it isn’t easy.

5. Chris Pratt Personal Problems

No matter how much we talk of the universe, health issues, or overall logic, it’s the actor(Chris Pratt) who needs to portray, so if he gets fat, the character does too.

Chris Pratt had some personal problems like his divorce, they had children, which might have created few problems, and he gained some weight. It makes a huge difference, but I think we shouldn’t go much deep.

I think this should be enough. Those were all possibilities, from Peter to personal. But, we would like to hear from you.

What do you think? At least one should work for you; which and how many did? Let us know in the comment section.

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    • Number 2 is just ridiculous. If you’ve got a girl way out of your league, you’ve got an obligation to remain fit, particularly when she’s a fox like Zoe. I’m sure they’re love is based on shared experiences and being in love not lust but if she’s staying fit, it’s a slap in her face for you not too as well. If Zoe/Gamora packed 40 more pounds, wouldn’t you lose a bit of physical attraction? You want a good marriage/relationship, make sure you’re connecting on a personal level, emotional level, and physical level. You have to work hard to make relationships last 50 years, like my aunt & uncle. If you’re getting fat and some other issue pops up in ur relationship and she’s still pretty fine, the next dude has been biding his time for you to fuck up and he or anyone else just needs to look good & not have ur baggage to steal her away. Gimme a break about not having adventures. Next blame the weightless environment of space.


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