Unpopular Opinions: Why Endgame Don’t Deserve OSCARS?

2019 was a glorious year for superhero fans. It has been a long wait, and it was worth it. Finally, we got to enjoy a few big hits. But fans weren’t much happy with the Oscars. Avengers: Endgame didn’t get much recognition with awards (especially Oscars), and it wasn’t ok for MARVEL FANS.

They nominated endgame for the Best Visual Effects, the only panel endgame made into, and the tragedy is it didn’t even WIN. Marvel culminated its 20-year’s legacy (the infinity saga), 20 years of storytelling, and it deserved some respect.

Perhaps it’s us. We set the bar high; we expected the Oscars to follow our emotions. A few points might help us understand; why Endgame was never about Oscars. Why it Don’t Deserve the Oscars? Why do none of the MCU films Deserve it?

3 Reasons: Why Avengers Endgame was not Oscar-worthy? Why it doesn’t Deserve Oscars?

Ok! First things first…… Why Endgame didn’t win Oscar for the best visual effects.

1. Nothing Novel in Visuals and Special Effects

Despite Avengers: Endgame had marvelous visuals, it seems that it had nothing new. By new, I mean something different, a unique approach, new work, new technology. They used the same visuals and the same approach from all previous movies.

Of course, it took a lot of work and commitment, but they have been doing the same thing for years. Only the story and its projection were different. To make things clear, they used the same effects for Iron Man (his armour, flying, fight approach), or the Ant-Man (the shrinking), or Doctor Strange (portal, magic).

Films like The Lion King, Skywalker, 1917 were in opposition, and they too were full of outstanding(amazing) visuals and with novelty. It was collective decision of around 10,000 voting members of the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts & Sciences to honor 1917. I, too, think 1917 was more deserving of the award. What do you think? Let me know.

Maybe it might have bumped out other films if it had been nominated for any other award. However, the academy doesn’t approach that way, and that’s our very second point.

2. Approach of Academy: Standalone Movies

The academy rules give priority to standalone movies, and there’s nothing wrong with that. Academy prefers different films, films that have more ‘artistic merit’. Artistically and narratively, Endgame was not a unique film.

Oscar prefers deeper and standalone movies, independent one-shot movies, and movies that could introduce and conclude at the same. The Oscars are tricky games; they want specific films, very specific, like Parasite. It’s not about the money or the popularity.

Considering only Endgame (ignoring previous MCU movies), it would never make sense. You need to watch all of the previous 21 movies, and then only it would mean something. If you directly jumped into Endgame (without watching previous), it would be like ‘why this man is shrinking’, ‘what are the infinity stones’, ‘why this man is creating sparky rings’, ‘why the hell is hammer flying and lightning’, ‘why she is bald’. So, clearly, it isn’t a movie for the Oscars.

3. No Actor in Lead

Most of the fans wanted to see Robert Downey Jr holding the Best Actor of the Year Award. It wasn’t very pleasant, at least he should have been nominated, and that’s what I thought (wanted) too.

However, soon, I realized there was no lead actor, and therefore no nomination—best actor award is for the actor who is in the lead. Besides, there wasn’t anything new in the acting; the portrayal of the character was the same. We have seen him as Iron man from long ago (the same characters with the same acting).

It requires uniqueness. We knew his personality, his dialogue delivery. We have seen him. At the same time, opposite to it, the portrayal of the joker by Joaquin Phoenix was totally different and new (for us). Both Ledger and Phoenix have portrayed joker, but with their own touch, the acting was diversely different.

Also, let me remind you something, they honoured Heath Ledger with Academy Award for the Best Supporting Actor, not the Best Actor Award.

I hope you got my point. But, think by yourself. If you are given a choice to either best money or the best awards, what would you like to pick up? Let me know in the comments.

Again, it’s not hate. It’s a wonderful movie in so many, many ways. What do you think? Does Avengers: Endgame deserve to win Oscars? Yes, or no? If yes, then why?  LET me Know in the COMMENTS.

Thanks for reading…………

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