10 Most UnderRated Superhero Masterpiece Movies

When someone says ‘a Superhero film’, most people think about the MCU or the DCEU. It’s like everyone ignores the superhero movies of other studios.

But, the thing is there are many enjoyable standalone superhero MOVIES that don’t come from Marvel or DC.

10 Great Non-Marvel/DC Superhero Movies You will Definitely Enjoy

1. Unbreakable (2000)

Unbreakable is mine personal favorite. Back then, When I watched this movie first time, I didn’t even realized it was a superhero movie.

The movie came out in times when sup movies were not even considered as a film franchise and made its own identity. The outstanding acting of Samuel L Jackson as Mr. Glass was incredible.

2. The Incredibles (2004)

The Incredibles was such a heart-pumping and breathtaking experience to watch. The entire family has got superpowers.

The movie is packed with full of action, emotions, and a perfectly aligned score with the feel of 90’s spy movies.

3. Kick-Ass (2010)

What if a normal person decides to become a superhero. Maybe it was the only superhero movie that makes sense in real life. A sequel was made later on but I would recommend you to watch the first one only.

Kick-ass was personally heroic experience and it was worth the time.

4. Sonic the Hedgehog (2020)

Who doesn’t loves a comedy lighthearted superhero movie? Sonic could be your perfect choice to watch once. Just watch the trailer, You will get convinced to watch.

It’s a wonderful movie and I think you should definitely watch it once.

5. Hellboy (2004)

Hellboy gives a very different approach to superhero movies. When there were almost no superhero movies except Spider-Man and X-man, Hellboy bring light to genere.

If you do remember, a remake was made recently but was heavily busted audience. Original is always original.

6. Split (2016)

After almost 17 years the sequel of unbreakable gets released. I don’t know what take so long for them to release the sequel but I liked it too.

It’s based on the DID( Dissociative Identity Disorder). The character transformation from one personality to another are so good that I (even for once) didn’t realized it’s the same person.

If you love multiple personality based movies, I think you should watch Identity too

7. Glass (2019)

Glass is the third part of our Unbreakable series. Though it’s not good as Unbreakable or split but I decided to include only to complete our unbreakable trilogy.

It’s not that bad but it ain’t good as the previous two movies.

8. Megamind (2010)

I presume you had predicted the concept art of the movie from the trailer above. It’s a family comedy movie and presents character transformation of Megamind from a supervillain to a superhero.

9. Chronicle (2012)

Chronicle is found footage film with originality and based entirely around three teens who gain telekinetic and psychic powers from an alien artifact.

The movie has unique concept specially its camera work .

10. Sky High (2005)


The movie is amazing. I think its a perfect entertainer for teenager like me. I think you will enjoy this movie too but I would definitely look for better options if available.

Don’t Skip this….

So, That was it. That was my personal list for the best underrated but potential non Marvel/Dc superhero movies.

I recently watched The Boys season 2, It was worth my time. I’d rather say the series is a masterpiece on superhero genre and opens different approach to the doors of superhero world. The series tends to approach very close to reality( on the aspects commercializing superhero’s) , so I strongly recommend you to watch it.

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