Shershaah- The Most Fabulous Bollywood War Movie [REVIEW]

Shershaah is an inspiring war drama movie that honours the legacy of brave hearts, Capt. Vikram Batra and his team and all the soldiers that fought at Kargil War.

Honestly, I had no expectations from this movie. I had heard it was based on true events, and the song from the movie (by Jubin Nautiyal) went on Viral, I too (kind of)liked the song. I mean it’s very satisfying with really really good background music.

I watched this movie (only) because it was based on the real-life events of a  Param Vir Chakra honoured officer, captain Vikram Batra and Kargil War.

Perhaps, sometimes when you are expecting nothing, things turn out to be really really out of the box and very valuable, like “If you expect nothing from somebody you are never disappointed ” or perhaps the movie was great.

After a few minutes of watch out, I realized it’s actually a masterpiece not a typical Bollywood over the top action movie filled with arrogant action scenes only meant for disrespecting gravity, nature, material strength and maybe everything.

It was something like this:

There is no doubt, the movie is worth your time. Every scene of the movie deserves your time. The rating of the movie proves that too.

What Makes Shershaah Best Bollywood Bio-War Movie?

Yes, without a doubt there are a lot of filmy scenes throughout the movie but it never loses its quality. The movie is sincere about its war promise, not the war horrors but somehow it keeps the quality of war zone consistent.

You can particularly feel the intensity of the situation, all the rush and intense environment.

The movie perfectly uses CGI in minimalistic nature at the absolutely appropriate time which makes it visually appealing and respectful.

That doesn’t mean everything was perfect with Shershaah, the hand to hand choreography wasn’t impactful, even I was able to realize the hands are on the air.

The movie carries out’s its reality. I think it’s the most accurate Biography ever made in Bollywood. Though the movie legally doesn’t consider itself real, we know the ground realities.

The movie is not all about just a hero or winning the war, the pride and patriotism and all that. It bounds two love stories in itself. The love for a nation and for a girl from his college. Even these love stories don’t make this movie great.

Or neither the fight scenes. What makes this movie great is a perfect alignment and all the work from director and lead Mr Sidharth Malhotra as Capt. Vikram Batra, the clear vision of the story. A story of an extremely enthusiastic young man who is willing to do anything for his country.

The movie is perfectly synchronized, dialogues, visuals, music, camera movements, the way of direction and the acting. They adjust perfectly with each other and that’s what makes this movie a masterpiece.

Eventually, we all knew the end of the movie but the greatness is the movie consumes all the stress by the end. The movie acknowledges this and it respects its ending. It realizes how life was.

The Conclusion

I strongly recommend watching this movie once. It’s worth your time. Even you don’t need to get to the cinema hall, just go on to Amazon Prime and enjoy the beauty.

One Time Watchable

Worth Your two Hours

Visual stunning and Engaging Runtime

War Drama

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